• What is Aiivaa.com?

Aiivaa.com is the leading e-commerce destination for buyers and sellers in the Kingdome of Bahrain. Aiivaa.com offers many products across multiple categories including consumer electronics, fashion, health & beauty, household goods, books and much more. New categories are constantly evaluated and launched all the time.

  • How many visitors does Aiivaa.com website receive?

Aiivaa.com is visited by thousands of customers on a daily basis.

  • What is the profile of Aiivaa.com Customers?

Aiivaa.com’s Customers are spread across all over Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • What items can I sell on Aiivaa.com?

You can sell the products which are according to terms and conditions of aiivaa.com and uploaded on the website in appropriate category.If you would like to list an item in a category which you do not see on this directory then send your inquiry to: admin@Aiivaa.com .

  • Can I sell internationally on Aiivaa.com?

Not at this time.


  • How much do I need to pay to list my products on Aiivaa.com?

There is NO set up or product listing fee on Aiivaa.com.

  • How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on Aiivaa.com?

Please visit our page which gives details about the commission structure for full details via http://aiivaa.com/selling-fees-on-aiivaa

  • What will the commission and payment processing fees be if I am selling an item that is BD 5 or less?

The commission for items at or below BD 5 is a flat 20%, without any minimum charge or payment processing fee.

  • What is the minimum price of items I can list to sell on Aiivaa.com?

There is no minimum price, but generally, any listing that is BD 5 or less, make you pay less to Aiivaa.com, as there is NO payment processing fee and NO minimum charge of commission. Hence you will be able to price your products lower and be competitive against other sellers.
Refer to the following illustration for a better understanding:

Payment Structure

Selling Price

BD 1

BD 2

BD 3

BD 4

BD 5

Above BD 5

Applicable Commission Charge






As per the product category

Payment Processing Fee






BD 0.500

Net Payable

BD 0.2

BD 0.4

BD 0.6

BD 0.8

BD 0.10

Product category commission + BD 0.500

  • Do customers buy low priced products on Aiivaa.com?

Yes, customers love low priced value products and have sold in high numbers on Aiivaa.com.

  • Which product category should I start listing at/below BD 5?

We suggest you should list the products where you are confident of the product pricing and stock availability. Product categories like Mobile Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Furnishing, Portable Speaker, Cables, Cutlery, Stationery, Books, Apparel, and Sporting Goods sell very well in this price range.

  • If I sell low value items in bulk, will the commission structure and payment processing remain the same?

Yes, if you get a bulk order the commission (flat 20%) and processing fee (BD0) will remain the same.


If you get an order with 10 units of BD 1 item. The commission will be payable as following:

10 units x 1 BD = BD 10

Commission payable = 10 X 20% = BD 2

Payment Processing Fee = BD 0

Net Charges = BD 2

  • How will I be charged if an order has multiple items at below BD 5 and above BD 5 as well?

In case the order has a low value item and an expensive item as well, the net payment commission will be calculated as below:

Selling Price of Product A = BD 1

Quantity Sold in order = 10

Selling Price of Product B = BD 200

Quantity Sold in order = 1

Total Value of Order = BD 2,10

Commission of Product A (at 20%) = BD 2

Commission of Product B (at 10%) = BD 20

Payment Processing Fee on the order = BD 0.75

(Payment Processing Fee is applicable since the order has items above BD 5 )

Net Payable = BD 2 + BD 20 + BD 0.75 = BD 22.750

  • How will the payment processing fee calculated if the order has 1 item below BD 5 and 1 item above BD 5?

In case the order has one item below BD 5 and other above BD 5, the payment processing fee of BD 0.75 will be levied on this order as the order has an item above AED 50.


  • How do I register?

Click “Register” on the upper right corner of any page on Aiivaa.com or click www.Aiivaa.com/vendor.php.

  • I already have an account with Aiivaa.com, do I need to register again to sell?

Yes, You can register as a seller by visiting www.aiivaa.com/vendor.php


  • How do I login?

Click “Sign in” on the upper right corner of any page of Aiivaa.com or via www.Aiivaa.com/login

  • I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click "Sign in" on upper right corner of any Aiivaa.com page, then click "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.


  • What should I keep in mind while listing for the first time?

Visit the product listing guidelines page by clicking www.Aiivaa.com/product_listing_guide/c/.

  • I can’t find a category or item that I’m trying to sell, what do I do?

Contact our live support agent on the chat or email us.

  • Why I can’t list my items on certain categories?

Some critical categories or items like health are restricted, for more details please sendus email at admin@aiivaa.com

  • How to best describe items I’m selling?

To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item, unique selling points, functionality, size or dimensions, weight. When in doubt, simply “put yourself” in the “shoes of your targeted buyer”. Keep it simple and know the core features and benefits of your products.

  • How to best choose image for items I’m selling?

Our minimum resolution is listed as 300 x 300 we strongly urge you to submit at a higher quality [though no higher than 900 x 900] and submit as many angles as possible. Remember shopping is a very visual process and you want to display your products in the best possible means.

  • How do I review my live products listings?

Login to your account and click “Products”.

  • My item listing got rejected, what do I do?

Please visit our listings guideline to understand the reason for rejection. To view the guideline, please click www.Aiivaa.com/ae-en/product_listing_guide/c/.

  • How do I classify the condition of my item?

If the item is in its original packaging and is company sealed, it can be classified as “New”. Otherwise, if the product’s package is open, or if the product is used even once, it has to be classified as “Used”.

  • Can I list an item under pre-order?

NO. Aiivaa.com does not accept pre orders. Your product must be in stock in order to list.

  • Which language can I use to list my item?

You can list your item in both English language.

  • Can I list a bulky item?

You can list any courier-able items weighing up to 10 kilograms.

  • How many products can I list?

There's no limit on how many product you can list for sale on Aiivaa.com.

  • I have too many products to list manually one by one, what do I do?

If you have more than 50 products, please contact us at admin@Aiivaa.com and we will list products for you at no cost.

  • I don't have images of my products, what do I do?

If you don’t have images for your products, please contact us at admin@Aiivaa.com and we will assist you with photography.


How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

You will get an email once your item is sold. New order will also reflect is your account under “New Sales order”

How do I confirm order?

Click "Confirm Sales Order" in the order confirmation mail or you can also login to your “Account Summary Page” to confirm. Note: it is imperative that you constantly check your email for “new order” alerts as you do not want to keep the customer waiting.

When should I confirm the order?

You should only confirm the order once you have the item in stock and ready for fulfilment. Once confirmed the order cannot be cancelled.

How to cancel order?

You can only cancel order which have not been confirmed by you. The order can be cancelled by clicking the “New Sales tab” in seller account and selecting cancel for each order.


How do I package my item?

Pack the product well using a cardboard box & bubble wrap so that it doesn’t get damaged. Remember, the way in which you package your product represents your “image/brand” and also will make an impression on the customer and their probability of a future order.

Can I put my contact details in the package so that customers can contact me?

Sharing of contact information is not permitted and is against Aiivaa policy.


How do I arrange to ship my item?

You will receive a call from aiivaa.com, to fix the time for pickup.

How much is shipping?

The shipping charges are discounted but vary per item type and weight. Please refer to listing flow for exact shipping fee, which are typically paid by Aiivaa.com buyers.

Who pays for shipping?

You can determine who will bear the cost of shipping. To attract Customers and get more orders, you may want to offer “free shipping” for select items or during certain holidays. In this case the cost of shipping will be deducted from your “payable” amount. Otherwise, the customer will be charged for shipping.
Note: it is a good idea to keep track of your competition to ensure shipping does not be deterrence for your offers.

My Account

How do I read my account summary page?

Login to your account and click “Account Summary” on the left navigation under “My Account”. In the account summary, you will see the amount “Available” to you, the amount which is “Pending” to your account and the “Fee” which is charged to your account for subscriptions, marketing, returns, etc.

How can I track my order history?

To view your orders, login into your account under the “Selling” section at the bottom left side of the page. There you will see your history broken down by New Sales Order, Confirmed Sales Order, Cancelled Sales Order and Returned order.

Why my seller account is suspended?

Seller performance standards are in place to ensure that you deliver a great customer experience to buyers. These performance standards measure whether buyers were satisfied with the items and sellers’ customer service. When a seller does not meet the minimum requirement for selling, the seller is creating experiences that erode confidence and drive buyers away from the platform.

Hence, Aiivaa.com will automatically suspend sellers whose performance is not up to satisfactory level

How can I reactivate my seller account?

To get reinstated back on Aiivaa.com, you have to update us with clear Plan Of Action (POA) on how will you ensure that buyer experience is not impacted and improve your performance. You can submit your Plan Of Action (POA) by sending an email to:



How do I get paid?

Login to your account and click “Withdrawal” on the left navigation under “My Account”. Submit the amount you wish to withdraw and it will be credited to the account you have registered with your Aiivaa.com seller account. Please ensure that you have added your Bank details in your account.

When do I get paid?

Once you have specified the withdrawal, this amount will then be transfer to your bank account in the next release of funds.


How does return work?

To return any purchased product, the buyer has to call the Aiivaa.com call center and request for return.

What is the Aiivaa.com return policy?

Any customer who has bought from Aiivaa.com is covered under a “No Questions Asked, 7 days Buyer’s Protection”. As per this policy, the buyers can return the product back to the seller within the three days of receipt.


How does Aiivaa.com handle Seller Partner / Buyer disputes?

Any dispute is handled through an escalation team which may be initiated by either side.

How do I resolve complaints and close disputes?

All the complaints for the products sold by you can end up in return of product, NOTE: only Aiivaa.com or the Buyer can close a complaint once it has been resolved.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can contact us at admin@aiivaa.com